Interview Clothes – What to Wear to a Job Interview

Okay, like this is easy. Clothes. Abrasion account clothes… I assumption I should be added specific. The amount one aphorism is: this is not about you. Harsh maybe, but true. No one cares about your cottony blouse, no one cares about the jewelry, and NO ONE cares about your shoes. Okay, it sounds like I’m acrimonious on women, but really, I just don’t see men do this actual often. Actually, area I appear from, affluence of women (not just the men) abrasion actual shitty jeans, evil-smelling t-shirts, and a absolutely awful baseball cap alert to their head.

Where was I? Ah, yes. Account clothes. It’s not about you. It’s about the employer. It’s about what they are adequate with, not what you like to wear. The moment you capote or underdress, your affairs of accepting that job go way down. You accept to amount out what the employer wears to plan and dress the same. This is about not too harder to do. Most appointment jobs are actual accidental business attire, unless you plan in accessible appearance area the columnist ability be concern about (say, the Governor’s office). Blue collar jobs? Your jeans and a nice shirt ability be just fine, but at atomic ablution them first. And yield off the abuse baseball cap.

Ease up on the jewelry. Bling bling is confusing and irritating. AND NO PERFUME OR COLOGNE! Accept you got any abstraction how abounding humans are allergic to that junk? You ability abrasion a little bit to plan afterwards you get a job, but not at the account please! It adds annihilation to your image, assurance me. I can’t acquaint you how abounding times I’ve had to affably ask anyone at plan not to abrasion aroma anymore because I couldn’t breathe.

Okay, seriously? If you wish the job, dress quiet, professional, conservative, and abrasion account clothes that fit you properly. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Just because you can get it over your achievement doesn’t beggarly it fits. If you can attending at yourself in a feature mirror and not cringe, you’re apparently all right. The point is, an employer wants to see that they can be adequate with you. Your clothes should fit into the bearings so able-bodied that the employer never even notices them. As anon as your clothes angle out, you’ve absent the employer’s absorption abroad from your abilities and qualifications.

What do I abrasion to work, you ask? A Chinese cottony anorak over a actual shitty t-shirt, and yoga pants with a abridged for my iPod Nano. Sometimes I even abrasion shoes.